Future Training Program

Hands-On Cosmetic Gynecology Course –5th Period / May 5-6-7, 2023

Hands-On Cosmetic Gynecology Course –6th Period / August 25-26-27, 2023

Trainer: Surgeon Esra Çabuk Cömert

Date/Location: 5-6-7 May 2023 (5th Period) and  25-26-27 August 2023 (6th Period)  @Güven Hospital Ankara, Turkey

Duration: Theoretical Training: 7 Hours, Hands-On Training: 12 Hours  

Quota: Max. 12 Persons

To attend the course please contact: international@kozmetikjinekoloji.org

Content of the Training: Laser applications and radiofrequency applications, Laser vaginal tightening, Laser stress incontinence and prolapse treatments, Laser vaginal rejuvenation, Laser vulvar bleaching, Labiaplasty (inner and outer labia operations), Perineoplasty (repair of birth sutures), Vaginal tightening (Surgery), G-spot enlargement, Outer labia filling (fat injection or filler use), Urinary incontinence treatments (filling material injection), Vaginismus treatments, Vaginal discharge treatments, Venus hill aesthetics (fat removal from the pubic area), PRP treatments, Mesotherapy treatments, Laser bleaching, Bleaching with mesotherapy products. 

Interpreter will be available in all the courses.

Accommodation: The training fee includes 2 nights accommodation and all transfers needed during the course.

Certificate: A certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the course. This course is accredited by British Academy of Continuing Medical Education (BACME) to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians. A certificate of attendance by BACME shall be given as well.

DAY 1: THEORETICAL – May 5, 2023

09.00-09.45 What is Labiaplasty? How is it done? Materials Used in Labioplasty

What is Outer Labia Aesthetics? What is Clitoroplasty? How is it done?

10.30-11.00 BREAK

Vaginal Renovation, Vaginal Tightening, Perineal (Birth Tears) Repair – Perineoplasty

11.45-12.30 How is hymenoplasty performed? – Hymenoplasty
12.30-13.30 LUNCH

G Spot Enlargement, O Spot Enlargement


Laser Procedures (Bleaching, Vaginal Tightening, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Vulvar Bleaching)

15.00-15.30 BREAK

What is Venus Hill Aesthetics? How is it done?

16.15-17.00 Vulvar and Vaginal Mesotherapy Applications
17.00-17.30 BREAK

The Role of the Nurse in Surgery

18.00-18.30 Marketing

DAY 2 PRACTICE – May 6, 2023

CASE – 1  
09.00-10.30 Labiaplasty, Clitoroplasty
10.30-11.00  BREAK
CASE – 2  
11.00-12.30 Perineoplasty, Vaginal Tightening, Repair of Birth Tears
12.30-13.30 LUNCH
CASE – 3  
13.30-15.00 G Spot Enlargement, O Spot Enlargement, Vaginal Filling Applications
15.00-15.30 BREAK
CASE – 4  
15.30-17.00 Outer Labia Aesthetics (Fat injection, Outer labia filling)

DAY 3 PRACTICE – May 7, 2023

CASE – 5  
09.00-10.30 Labiaplasty, Clitoroplasty
10.30-11.00 BREAK
CASE – 6  

Laser Applications (Laser vaginal tightening, laser urinary incontinence, laser discoloration)

12.30-13.30 LUNCH
CASE – 7  

Hymenoplasty, Laser Vaginal Tightening

15.00-15.30 BREAK
CASE – 8  

Venus Hill Aesthetics (Liposuction + Vulvar and vaginal mesotherapy applications + PRP)